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Sr. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Sr. Spine Surgeon

Dr. Navaladi Shankar is committed to the perfect spine. As a senior Orthopedic surgeon, he has an obsessive drive to improve the lifestyle of people with spine issues. Dr. Navaladi Shankar’s journey as an Orthopedic surgeon has seen a lot of cornerstone achievements.

With the area of speciality as the Orthopedic surgeon, he has completed over 10000 Trauma Surgeries. He has patients who regularly correspond with him and the bond lasts a lifetime.

This has motivated him to devote his all, and this has yielded in prestigious appointments such as being the Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals. Dr. Navaladi Shankar also deservedly enjoys various positions and memberships, such as The Indian Orthopaedic Association, Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association, Member of AO since 2003, Indian Trauma Society, Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association, Indian society of Hip & Knee Surgeons, Indian Arthroplasty Society, Madras Orthopaedic Society, Indo – German Orthopaedic Foundation, OASIS, Association of spine surgeon of INDIA, Indian Arthroscopy Society and so on. 

Dr. Navaladi Shankar is published and has presented papers on

  • 1. PHILOS.

  • 2. VATCP/LDRS.

  • 3. Proximal Tibial Peri Articular Plate.

  • 4. Distal Tibia Anatomical Plate.

  • 5. Distal Femur Anatomical Plate.

  • 6. Periprosthetic Fracture Fixation.


Dr. Navaladi Shankar’s complete commitment at Navaladi Endospine Care has not deterred him from taking up several teaching assignments, which form the core of his skill sets. He has affiliation with some of the leading names in spine care and has fulfilled several roles as an exemplary teacher. The teaching bug bit him when he enrolled as a teacher for Anatomy teaching at his Alma Mater, the University of Dharwad, Karnataka in 1992. He then began his association with Apollo Hospital by doing Emergency Medical Teaching, Emergency Department at Apollo in 1992-1993. From then till date, Dr. Navaladi Shankar has held several tutorship positions such as Surgical Teaching, Surgical gastroenterology teaching, Orthopaedic registrar: teaching in Post Graduation, Tutor – BTLS/ ATLS/ trauma Surgery, Orthopaedic Teachings, Surgical Training to Resident and registrar, and is an AO Trauma tutor, till date.


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