A Pinched Nerve in the Neck

A pinched nerve in general causes a great deal of discomfort. The nervous system is a vast array of nerves crisscrossing the entire body, and the weave is super sensitive, as they are the transmitters of contact. Therefore when a nerve gets pinched, the discomfort can be persistent and eve debilitating. As a result of a pinched nerve, several symptoms may manifest which may in themselves, be an indicator for seeking medical intervention. The symptoms of a pinched nerve manifest themselves when a nerve gets distressed due to compression. The thumb rule is that if the pain is persistent beyond a few days, consultation with a medical professional, like at Navaladi Endospine Care is imperative.

Let’s examine the causes of a pinched nerve. Decades of study have revealed that the most common reason for compression leading to a pinched nerve is repetitive stress. Activities that lead to repetitive stress cause RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries). Pinched nerves also occur as a result of immobility or stasis at the workplace for unnatural durations. People in desk jobs sit immobile for extended durations of time with very little mobility to their necks. These are prime candidates for the pinched nerve. Obesity and age are also causes for pinched nerves. Kyphosis as a result of ageing can also result in a pinched nerve.

While the symptoms of a Pinched nerve vary from person to person, the most common symptom is pain that doesn’t go away. Nagging and persistent pain is often a telltale symptom of a Pinched nerve. Tingling sensation and numbness are also symptoms. Sometime people may get pins and needles like when you get after your leg falls asleep and compression is relieved. The symptoms are not restricted to the neck region and more often you will get radial pain branching off to the shoulders and down the arms. The cervical column is composed of seven vertebrae that run from the base of the skull to the upper portion of the back. There are nerves associated with every vertebrae and when any nerve set gets compressed, the symptoms of incessant pain arises.

There are several risk factors associated with a pinched nerve. The incidence of a pinched nerve in itself can be quite debilitating, however there are candidates who are more prone to a pinched nerve than others. People with compressed or herniated discs have a greater propensity for a pinched nerve than others. People who do repetitive acts with their neck, who overuse their necks and spine are more prone to a pinched nerve than others. Poor posture also contributes to the occurence of a pinched nerve. Hereditary causes, comorbidities like arthritis, pregnancy, thyroid, bone spurs and so on can also cause pinched nerves.

At Navaladi Endospine Care, the treatment for a Pinched nerve commences with the first consultation. The physician examines with all the tools in hand the cause of the pinched nerve. Using scans, the exact location and severity of the pinched nerve is also determined to microscopic precision. After the assessment using scans, the physician outlines the course of treatment. Sometimes resting of the neck with support itself may spell the cure. The next level of treatment may involve the prescription of anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen and so on, to reduce the pain. Splints or supports are prescribed if that is all that is required to ease the pinched nerve. When these conventional methods are not enough the physician at Navaladi Endo Spine Care will prescribe surgical intervention. Surgeons with decades of experience will perform the surgery in state of the art labs so that by sraping away the impinging bones, the pinching of the nerve can be alleviated. The surgery in itself is minimally invasive meaning that there will be no recovery path for the patient and there will be no healing or sutures to heal. Once the scar tissue or bone fragments that were causing the nerve to be pinched, the doctor will prescribe series of simple exercises for the body to get acclimatized to and the mobility to return to the cervical column.

Right from the time of walking into the premises to the point of returning back home absolutely pain free, Navaladi Endospine Care will be by your side, enabling you to get back to normalcy, without a small thing such as a pinched nerve affecting your life.

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