Dos and Don’ts after Spine Surgery

The spine is that integral part of our body that is probably the most important and indispensable. At the same time the vertebral column undergoes some tremendous levels of stress and pressure during the lifetime. However, with the skewing of lifestyles in modern times, the amount of pressure that the vertebral column is subject to is not natural, and this leads to uneven wearing of the vertebrae, and as a result incidences of prolapsed discs and torn discs are on the increase. The advancements in technology, especially in the field of minimally invasive surgical techniques, have opened new portals for surgeries that were earlier deemed impossible or extremely risky. Endoscopic Spinal Surgery has become mainstream and there are thousands of patients getting benefitted by these surgical procedures. At navaladi Endo-Spine Care, board-certified specialists in Spine surgery and neurology have honed their skills with innumerable patients and are at a level of expertise that is not really matched in other areas of medicine. Consultations with the experts will go a long way in establishing the clear path to recovery from back pain, be it conventional therapy or surgery.

This blog seeks to outlay the Dos and the Don’ts after Spinal Surgery. The approach is that surgery is always saved for the last, and conventional wisdom dictates that therapeutic resources are the first to be advised and surgery comes in when nothing else is possible. Therefore there is a level of responsibility on the shoulders of the medical professional to guide the patient after the surgery in order to maximise the recovery process and the result. In that light let us check out the Dos and Don’ts

Things you need to Do, after Spinal Surgery

It is important that you should not push yourself right after surgery. The body needs a period to heal, and this period has to afforded with maximum rest and plenty of sleep. The keyword is being restive, slow and gentle with your body and to not push boundaries. This is not the time to go all out with your enhanced self, there will be a lifetime of chance after you exit the recuperation process. Therefore the most advisable path is to take it slow and adhere to the advice of your physician and your surgeon. They would have outlined a regimen of exercises for you to religiously undertake and that is exactly what you should do. It would be great if you could have a helping hand to work your meals and run your errands, as it would give you adequate time to concentrate on healing and recovery. In cases where you have braces it is definitely advisable to hire the services of a healthcare professional to attend to your special needs during the recovery process.

Probably the most important part of the process is the adherence to the prescribed routines. Physiotherapies, if prescribed. Diets if laid out and at the predetermined appropriate intervals. Deviations are always at a cost, and the recuperation period is imperative for the perfect rehabilitation post surgery.

Things you should not Do, after Spinal Surgery

The most important thing you should avoid doing is bending over. The physician would have laid out a clear Not to do chart for you, and prime on it is the fact that you should not bend over. Usually, a light weight grabber can be bought to reach light things that are beyond arm’s reach. But things like tying shoe laces and so on should strictly be avoided at any cost. These need to be eliminated from your daily routine at any cost, until full recovery.

Another major Don’t is alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant and it will slow down your recovery process significantly. There is also the main problem of it interfering with pain medication and sometimes may cause very adverse effects.

Exercising is another important Don’t. The tendency when you are relieved of pain, is to start exercising. Until full recovery is certified by the doctor, exercising will cause significant damage, and may reverse any benefit that the surgery may have done. Physiotherapy is suggested and a rigid protocol towards physiotherapy sessions would spell rapid recovery.

The Surgery is only fifty percent of the journey. Equally important is the strict adherence to the Dos and the Don’ts, in order to get a perfect recovery. At Navaladi Endospine Care, the professionals walk the path to your recovery hand in hand.

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