Is Your Office Chair Destroying your Spine?

The world as we know it has changed. People spend a large portion of their day in office chairs. Sitting is part of the work style. It is not something that is natural, as the animal self will not sit in a chair for 65% of their work day. (Which is what many studies indicate). Which begs the question, is the office chair good for your back or is it bad. Now, in general it is a proven indisputable fact that a sedentary lifestyle is extremely bad in the long term for not just the back, but for the entire physique. At Navaladi Endospine Care, in addition to care, there is an active effort to promote an active lifestyle. Muscles are there for a reason, and for a body to function perfectly, it is imperative that the lifestyle is active.

Given that a sedentary lifestyle is bad, inflexions of society warrant most of us to be sitting at our desks for the better part of the day, prolonged durations of no activity for the lower part of the body. In such scenarios, the chair plays a vital role as it is the only instrument offering support to the back, especially the lower back. A poorly designed chair can wreak havoc on the vertebral column, by way of excessive wear and tear. The spine rested, in its natural state, can do no harm, but a poorly designed chair puts constant pressure on various parts of the vertebral column, hence leads to early wear and tear and hence distress.

The Adverse effect of a poorly designed chair on your vertebral column

Unfortunately, at Navaladi Endospine Care, there are a lot of patients suffering from the ill effects of improper seating. Sitting on an improper surface is not a problem in the very short duration. The human body is amazing in that there is a remarkable range of movements possible and is dextrous to a noticeable degree. However, it is when the seating on an improper surface creeps up into weeks and months that the real hurt gets delivered. The cervical vertebrae are the immediately affected portions. The effects of such a posture usually starts with an adverse impact on the cervical vertebrae and prolonged improper seating will have an effect on the lumbar vertebrae as well. They will cause Neck pain Degeneration of the spine Herniated Discs Nerve pinching Impaired Blood circulation Sciatica

Facets of a good Office Chair

To find a good office chair, there are several aspects that need to be observed before commiting for purchase. They can be listed as follows.

Comply material: The texture of the chair should be made of material that is highly compliant with the pressure as well as lateral movement of the body. Contoured Seating: The seat area should not be just a cushion, but instead should be contoured so as to support the body for prolonged duration and should not apply force to the base of the spine. Lumbar Support: Lumbar is an often ignored aspect of seating. An office chair that offers perfect lumbar support is the only way that the load on the spinal column is alleviated. Prolonged seating will put tremendous pressure on the lumbar which will get translated into sciatica and disc prolapse. Therefore a proper firm lumbar support system is vital. Adjustable contours for all parts: All parts of the chair need to be adjustable so as to enable the user to find the best fit for his/her body type. No two bodies are the same, and therefore there is no generic in body types.

The effects that an office chair have on the back are significant given that we spend a better part of the day sitting in one. It is therefore a contention of the argument of prevention that a great deal of importance be given to the selection of the Office chair in order to avoid back problems altogether. The incidence of back issues are, for the most part a direct result of the sins we commit in normalcy. Sins like abuse of the back during prolonged work.

Even if it is a throne, it will spell disaster to your health if it is not ergonomic.

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