Scoliosis. Know it to Defeat it.

A spinal deformity that, unfortunately impacts mostly children and adolescents. Scoliosis is that monster that has been around for a long time, that no one really knows why or how it is caused. Scoliosis is basically a lateral spinal curvature that is abnormal and the impact of having scoliosis can manifest itself in severe problems like breathlessness and lack of mobility even. Scoliosis is known to be caused by cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy as well. With an early detection of Scoliosis, often the cure can be found in corrective braces, thereby entirely avoiding the need for surgery.


Early symptoms in children will manifest itself in the form of posture. Uneven shoulders or the either sides of the rib cage being uneven will be the most notable sign. These will progressively get worse if they are left unaddressed and over time can be completely debilitating. The most common age for the manifestation of scoliosis is from the age of ten to fifteen, wherein the uneven posture will be a dead giveaway. The incidence of scoliosis will most definitely be followed by weakness in the lower limbs leading to compromised movement, breathlessness in extreme cases, and back pain that is intermittent or constant in varying degrees. Parents of children should always be on the watch for these symptoms and a visit to Navaladi Endospine Care will give a clear picture of whether there is scoliosis or not.

At Navaladi Endospine Care there is both empathetic and pragmatic analysis if the patient with scoliosis. The experts take into account all the factors in the family when there is analysis of the condition, and treatment, as always, starts with the least invasive procedures first. In almost all cases, a back brace is given, which, even if not curative, will prevent further deterioration of the curvature. There are also very beneficial results from perfectly designed braces, and there are several stories of full cure as well. Usually the greatest advantage of early detection is that when the patient is still a child the skeletal structure has not reached full maturity, and therefore there is a very high probability of correcting the curvature completely using non-invasive procedures like Back braces.

However, when the curvature is very extreme, such as in excess of 40 degrees, or if the experts at Navaladi Endospine Care have opined that corrective braces alone are not enough, then surgery would be suggested. Corrective surgery is only minimally invasive, meaning, the entire surgery is through the assistance of the endoscope with small incisions for the points of entry. Most cases the procedure to be followed is spinal fusion, which is the highest level of success and most opt after surgery to eliminate Scoliosis permanently.

The procedure popularly referred to as Microscopic Spinal Fusion is an endoscopic procedure that, as the name suggests, will fuse the vertebrae that are having the abnormality after aligning them, and this will yield the result of elimination of the issues related with scoliosis. However, there is a time period following the surgery that intensive physiotherapy should be performed so that the surrounding muscles that would have become lax over the years, develop back in strength and the core gets strengthened.

At Navaladi Endospine Care the care does not stop after the surgery but extends beyond it as well in the form of consultations for physical therapy and recuperation. Scoliosis may be a monster, but it is easily vanquished by way of the miracles of modern technology and the sheer expertise of Navaladi Endospine Care.

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