Shedding that fat will help reduce back pain

One of the common misconceptions that modern medical practitioners have is the fact that they do not address the problem of obesity and weight management when it comes to treatment of back injuries and back pain. However the reality is that overweight individuals have the excess weight a direct correlation to back pain and back injury, and conversely reduction of weight and proper weight management actually reduces the incidences of back pain and prevents back injury.

Independent studies have ratified these claims that reduction of excess body weight actually helps reduce back pain and discomfort. While there are extremely sophisticated modern techniques to surgically correct issues like spinal stenosis and degenerative disc diseases, surgeons are actively propagating lifestyle changes and exercise schedules to help change the living conditions of the patients, as this in itself has led to curing of the back issues in many cases. Not only has there been numerous case studies that point to reduction of back pain and the curing of back injuries, there are also strong evidence that the overall health and fitness levels of the individual increase drastically over time.

How does the nexus between excess weight and back pain work and what is the solution?

The obese actually suffer from some form of back pain or the other and medical professionals the world over are diagnosing these back pains as not in isolation but as linked to the condition of obesity. There are tremendous leaps in the programmes of wellness, that focus on actively helping the obese shed the pounds. Under the scrutiny of the medical professionals, as the obese reduce their excess weight, not only do they gain more mobility, but they also start to have noticeable reductions in their back pains and a change in lifestyle itself will in many cases act as the cure for the back ailments.

Excess body weight acts negatively on the body in two ways –

1) There is an increased pressure on the vertebrae and the muscles of the back to support the excess weight and there is also distention in order to maintain balance. This leads to less than optimal resting poses of the vertebral column which, over time, leads to disc prolapse, stenosis and so on.

2) Excessive body weight physically takes a toll on the mechanics of the human body, in that there are lesser and lesser scope for mobility. The key to muscular health is not just form, but also constant function. Muscles without proper use atrophy, and this is exactly what happens in the case of obesity. The limitations applied to the movement of the body, starts to waste away the muscles of the back. As the smaller groups of muscles atrophy and become useless, there is an increasing load on the vertebral column, which in turn leads to pain and distress.

The medical experts at Navaladi Endospine Care find their work cut out into two parts, the first being the assessment of the levels of obesity and the fixing of the programs for weight loss. Weight loss will happen through a combination of well thought out intensive exercises and proper diet that provides essential nutrients but cuts out fat. The second and more important aspect of the program is to identify the stages of atrophy the muscle groups are in and to evolve a program that will help in revitalizing and restructuring the muscle groups. The schedule of therapeutic yet intensive physiotherapy and exercises will help restore movement to the body and will also help re-establish tone and density to the various muscle groups.

Once the muscles are in play the literal load on the vertebral column starts to ease. Moreover as a result of physiotherapy and exercising posture improves and gets transformed for the better, and slowly yet surely, the patient notices dramatic reduction in back pain.

At Navaladi Endospine Care, the key mantra is about holistic healing and thought the latest sophistication is readily available in the form of minimally invasive techniques that are cutting edge, preference is always given to help the body heal itself, for that is the most natural and lasting way for permanent recovery.

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