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Endospine Care is critical to the functioning of the human machine. Navaladi Endospine Care was founded with the unilateral motive of offering the best care for Spinal Issues and therefore present a “one stop shop” for people with spinal problems. The number of happy people free of pain is testimony to the success of Navaladi Endospine Care. Every successful procedure is a victory and Navaladi cherishes these victories.

The spine is often taken for granted by us. The spine is intended for taking an enormous amount of abuse and the daily grunt an average person puts it through is testimony to the evolution process. However, the modern human lifestyle has made it almost impossible to have a healthy spine. The levels of prolonged distortion are bound to leave complications that require medical interventions. Thankfully the levels of technological advancements in medical procedures have paved way for successful remedies for some really debilitating conditions. Now what are these advancements that we are talking about?

Conventional surgery is so last century. The new age belongs to the Endoscope. With minimal or nearly minimally invasive surgical techniques major issues are now solved very easily. Minimally invasive surgery is one where there is an endoscope which is sent in through a pin hole so that the surgeon can have a direct view of the procedure. The entire procedure is done with minimal blood loss and distress and the recovery period is very rapid. Many procedures are even performed as an outpatient. Common forms of Endoscopic Spine Surgery are meniscal disc repair. And meniscal surgery is done to perfection in Navaladi Endospine Care.

Dr. Navaladi Shankar spearheads Endospine Care where he incorporates his decades of teaching experience into his professional service which has translated into over 8500 successful surgeries. His affinity to teaching is the birth of this blog. The blog will cover all aspects of Endoscopic Spine Surgery and will hope to ease the minds of people with questions by dissipating knowledge as best as possible.

The blog is happening.

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