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Navaladi Endospine Care is all about fixing whatever ails your spine, but we don’t need to fix something that is not broken. Now, as the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure, and the professional services of navaladi Endospine Care extend to providing perfect professional advice on tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy spine. Unfortunately the dearth of physical activity in the modern lifestyle has imposed a lot of stress on the already stressed spinal column. Over the course of an average day the human spine goes through tremendous pressure and load. This is natural design and the spine has evolved to cope with this. However what evolution has not foreseen is the advent of modernity and the excessive repetitive stress injuries due to lifestyle. The harm to the spine is done over the years and the physical damages, if left unchecked can lead to some serious impairment in the future.

Therefore it is imperative that there is proper exercising and the maintenance of a proper schedule to ensure that spinal health is maintained. Some of the exercises that everyone can perform to maintain spinal health are quite simple to master and their impact is profound. Let us go over some basic exercises that can be performed to stay in good spinal health.

Exercise 1: Back to the Wall – Knees bent at 90 degrees and back flat against the wall. Stay for a count of five.

Exercise 2: Swing the leg back – Hold the back of a chair firmly and swing your leg back. Do a ten count for this one.

Exercise 3: Knee chest – While laying flat on your back bring your knee to your chest. Repeat with other leg for a count of five.

Exercise 4: Lower Abdomen workout – While laying flat on your back raise both knees to the chest.

Exercise 5: Knees to Chest workout – Lay flat on back and raise legs up straight

These exercises should do it for general spinal health and upkeep.

In addition to this let us summarize with the broad Do’s and Don’ts


The spine needs a break and it is important that you give your back rest and resuscitation. It needs to rejuvenate. Here are some simple dos

Your core – As laid out above, exercising the core is very important for the long term spine health. Simple exercises that keep the level of flexibility to the spine while strengthening the surrounding muscles is key for prolonged spinal health.

Mind your footwear – Having the wrong footwear can cause more harm to the spine than even to the feet. It is important that footwear has to be given top priority over everything.

Sit Properly – Ergonomics is everything. When sitting you should ensure that there is proper support to the lower back. It is always wise to invest in an ergonomic chair.


Don’t sleep on your stomach. – It has been proven that sleeping on the stomach causes a great deal of trauma for the spine. Avoid it.

Bend your legs while lifting – One of the most common mistakes that people do is to not bend the knees while lifting weights. It is a rule of thumb that the knees should be bent while lifting heavy things.

Avoid sudden twists – The spine can take a great deal of abuse but sudden twists and turns can make it a precursor for injury.

Sitting in chair all day is horrible – Sitting all day, be it for work or for lifestyle is guaranteed harm in the long run.

Firm Mattress Soft Pillow – self explanatory. Having a firm pillow bends the cervical spine to a degree that causes a lot of harm to the spine. It is scientifically advisable to use soft downy pillows that don’t twist the spine.

Spine care is also a priority at Navaladi endospine Care, and there are tips galore from the professionals with decades of expertise.

Pamper your spine. It is after all, what holds you together.

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